Environmental exposures in pregnancy among women of Bedouin origin and their possible impact on health

Primary and co-primary Investigators: Novack L., Sarov B., Landau D, Karakis I.

During the period of 2011-2013 we have enrolled close to 2000 women of Bedouin-Arab origin upon their arrival at SUMC for delivery. Extensive exposure questionnaire has been filled out for all the participants and their urine sample and blood cord sample have been collected and partially tested, heavy metals and cell proliferation. The ambient and internal exposure of moms and their newborns were investigated in their association with immediate birth outcomes, as well as maternal and children's morbidity within 6 years post delivery. Women of Bedouin-Arab were found exposed to a wide range of environmental non-essential chemicals. Multiple associations with morbidity were reported.

This project was partially supported by the Ministry of Health in Israel.