2022 – present

Establishment of the DeserTech National Knowledge Center, Ministry of Science and Technology. PI: Prof. Shimon Rachmilevitch, Co-PI: Prof. Gilad Ravid and Co-PI: Prof. Lena Novack.

2016 – present
Mitigating the Effects of Desert dust-storms using Exposure-reduction Approaches (LIFE-MEDEA), HORIZON 2020, EU. Victor Novack – PI, I Kloog, I Katra.

2019 - present
Human Biologic Monitoring in the Haifa Bay area compared to the general population: screening within blood donors. Ministry of Environmental Protection, Lena Novack – PI.

2014 – present
Studying the Association between Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes and Ambient Air Temperature and Particulate Matter in Southern Israel, Environmental Health Fund, Israel.

Mapping of Environmental Exposure and Associated Morbidity in the Negev Area; M.F.S fund, Israel.

2013 – 2017
The Association of Air Pollution and Blood glucose levels among Diabetic patients in the Negev Region, Environmental Health Fund, Israel.

2013 – 2017
A dynamic air-pollution and health effect spatial analysis system (DAPHSAS) as decision making tool in environmental policies – methodology and application, M.F.S fund, Israel.

2011 – 2013
Environmental exposure to hazardous chemicals and major congenital malformations in newborns. Lena Novack – PI, Chief Scientist - Ministry of Health.

Soils as a Source for Atmospheric Particles: a Spatio Temporal Impact on Air Quality and Human Health in the Negev; Environmental Health Fund, Israel.