The Contribution of Climate and Particulate Matter Air Pollution Assessed by the Hybrid Satellite Models to Congestive Heart Failure Decompensation. Identification of the Vulnerable Populations

Congestive Heart failure (CHF) is a major worldwide public health concern.  To assess the effect of air pollution on hospital admission due to CHF decompensation and to predict the probability of an individual with diagnosed CHF to have a decompensation under specific environmental conditions using a model that includes the patient’s personal characteristics.
Our data includes all admissions of adults (≥18 y/o) with main diagnosis of CHF, admitted to one of 7 Clalit’s hospitals between 2000 - 2016. Patient’s characteristics (i.e. sex, age, ethnicity, etc.), data from admission and medical history (co-morbidities, blood tests and medication use) will be collected for each patient’s admission. Exposure to air pollution and temperature estimates will be generated by using a satellite-based predictions model that uses AOD (Aerosol optical depth) measurements, Land-Use Regression (LUR) and meteorological factors at a resolution of 1X1 km.